JawDropper 2007

JawDropper 2007

JawDropper is a fun and addictive puzzle game in the style of Super Collapse
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JawDropper is an addictive puzzle game in the style of Super Collapse, with a lot of customizable features. The objective of the game is to remove all the pieces from the board, trying to group as many pieces as you can, because that will increase your score. To do so, you need to double-click on a group with more than two adjacent pieces of the same color. After a group is removed, the empty spaces will be instantly filled with the remaining pieces, which implies that you need to calculate every move carefully.

The game has two modes: regular and continuous, and before starting you can also select among five levels of difficulty, from easy to impossible, each one with unique layouts. One of the most interesting aspects of this puzzle, apart from its gameplay, is that its interface has plenty of options to customize your game. For one thing, from the user preferences menu, you can change the background color of the board, select a background image, with the chance of using your own JPG and PNG images. It is also possible to select from a wide number of piece shapes, or JawDroppers. On the other hand, game options allow you to select the game mode, the number of rows and columns of your grid, whether you want to enable cheating, and more. To sum up, a highly recommended game for all those who love tricky puzzles.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining and addictive
  • Lots of features to create customized games


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